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Valentine one vs escort max 360

valentine one vs escort max 360

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Which radar detector is a better choice for you?The R3 is the best performing radar detector on the market, has great false alert filtering, and offers all the key features that drivers really need.Speed-based Sensitivity Adjustments Both detectors also offer the ability to reduce the sensitivity to help filter out some false alerts such as weak automatic door openers on the side of the road.Escort Max 360c: Escort Live The Max 360c offers another advantage rencontre coquine femme mature which is the ability to connect to the internet to share radar, laser, and police spotted alerts in real time with other Escort users.January 2014 By eric tingwall Photos By john ROE.Whereas the Valentine One has simple one -color directional threat arrows, the Escort Max 360 has multi-color oled arrows for easy band identification.The false alert learning process is automatic and hands-free.Escort has released a series of firmware updates with the original Max360 that also benefit the new 360c, but moving forward, Im giving Uniden the advantage in terms of what we should expect with continued firmware updates and development.BSM Filtering Many new cars have radar-based collision avoidance systems like blind spot monitoring systems, and sometimes they can be tough for a radar detector to recognize as a false alert and filter out.Because of this if you feel you deserve the best then get the best radar detector NOW!The Max 360c is in light orange.In comparison the engineers at Escort have developed a far more advanced system called Escort Live.Escort to incorporate the same directional threat arrows.The performance of the, valentine, one is legendary.
Better quality firmware updates, physically smaller detector, stealth design, undetectable by radar detector detectors.

For more information, see my R3 setup guide and my Max 360c setup guide.Because of all the extra features, the Escort Max 360 is considerably more expensive than the Valentine One, but it also offers much more functionality.This offers an additional layer of protection above and beyond what your radar detector can do on its own.The R3 requires you to change sensitivity levels manually.Just like the Valentine One, the Escort Max 360 offers good sensitivity to a police radar bands and a respectable detection of police lasers.Valentine, one remains the king of radar detectors even in 2017.
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The result is a detector that will give you more timely alerts without having to deal with annoying false alerts.
Escort Max360c connected to WiFi The main benefit of WiFi over Bluetooth-only Escort Live compatible radar detectors like the Max360 or Redline EX is that the Max 360c can automatically update itself over WiFi, giving you automatic firmware updates and automatic redlight camera database updates.
To configure the radar detector using the V1 app, you have to purchase a dedicated Bluetooth module, which is a hassle that seems utterly archaic in 2017.