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Exchange direct server return

However, I am open to doing it at a lower level such as Apache or IIS, or at an even lower level,.e.
CAS and MBX are installed on the same servers, running.
To do that I've added a loopback adapter and gave it the same IP as the load balancers echange materiel agricole virtual server, subnet, then I allowed the, exchange server to process the packets.Also, SSL can be applied between Load Balancer and Exchange.The packet will say "Hello are you the VIP?SSL Offloading- Through SSL offloading, the load balancer will re-crypt/decrypt freebox echange v5 v6 the SSL traffic from clients.These can be given to more than one service.Each protocol can hence be assigned specific settings.Our hardware loadbalancers can be configured to do NAT.Load balancing of traffic among servers is done by distribution.Weak and strong host behavior in Windows: "Windows XP and Windows, server 2003 use the weak host model for sends and receives for all IPv4 interfaces and the strong host model for sends and receives for all IPv6 interfaces.Multiple services can be configured in the load balancer to publish the exchange services.Just think if we didn't have Linux to push the boundaries - Microsoft may never have been able to copy the best features so well :-) References The awesome advantages of Direct Routing How can you use DSR ( Direct Server Return ) in AWS?

(We'll do a separate blog on this when I have more test data.).This will also result in High availability.And it is without doubt the fastest method possible.then the real server will say, "Get lost, no I'm not!".Any idea how to fix this?Netsh interface ipv4 set interface "team" weakhostreceiveenabled netsh interface ipv4 set interface "loopback" weakhostreceiveenabled netsh interface ipv4 set interface "loopback" weakhostsendenabled.
The loopback interface is configured with the VIP of the load balancer.
It is application aware, requiring decryption of the traffic.

Service Aware- With this feature, the load balancer checks the availability status of a server before sending traffic.
This is not good so disable automatic DNS entries on both the server and in the DNS management console.